Description : Cast & Crew
Director: Marcos Antonio Miranda
DP: Mayber "Niche" Trujillo
Editors: David Brodsky, Roberto Lopez
Producers: Marcos Antonio Miranda,
Liza Rios

Cast: Fat Joe, Liza Rios, Cuban Link,
Ice-T, Xzibit, Triple Seis,
The Beatnuts, NORE, Tony Touch,
DJ Premier, South Park Mexican,
Da Sick One, Tempo, Daddy Yankee,
Fatman Scoop


His name was Christopher Rios, but the world knows him as BIG PUNISHER. His home were the ghetto streets of the Bronx. His life goal was to attain personal greatness. Big Pun began his ascension to the top of the hip-hop world by dropping rhymes on street corners. His lightning fast lyrics and super smooth flow got him noticed. In no time, he became a standout member of Fat Joe's notorious Terror Squad. Pun's debut album sold better than 2 million copies, garnering him a Grammy nomination. Fans adored him and fellow rappers respected and emulated him. Pun didn't change, he kept it real. He kept everything real. 'Still Not A Player' takes us on an intimate journey through the life of Christopher Big Punisher Rios via the stories of those closest to him. From his blood and spit struggles on the mean streets to his rise to the top of the hip-hop world, to this large man's losing battle with his weight.

This unique, frightening, ugly, painful, haunting and occasionally beautiful story is a high steppin' razor that slashes into the heart, bone's and belly of one of hip-hop's greatest players, offering unquestionably the most intimate look ever inside the hard world of hip-hop and into the ravaged yet hopeful life of one of its most popular and legendary figures.

Awards & Merits

-OFFICIAL SELECTION 2003 Pan African Film Festival
-OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2002 NY International Film Festival
-OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2002 Vistas Film Festival
-OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2002 Hip Hop Odyssey Film Festival

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